A Bright Embodiment of the Creative Potential of Our People

On May 12, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov reviewed the construction and beautification works spearheaded in Tashkent

Wide-ranging creative and improvement works are undertaken in all the regions of Uzbekistan. All this has been transforming cardinally the appearance of our urban centers and rural areas, and helps uplift the living standards of the population even further.

Grand construction and repair works were undertaken in 2013 at the Khadra Square. With the aim of creating comfort and convenience for people and vehicles, the transport underpass linking Furkat Street with Zarkainar and Sebzar streets was reconstructed. As an extension of these endeavors, a new overpass has been built along Sebzar Street.

The President of our country Islam Karimov visited May 12 that modern bridge.


To Revere the Memory of the Fallen, to Care for the Senior Generation Is Our Sacred Duty

The celebration of the Day of Memory and Deference in the Year of Consideration and Care for the Senior Generation multiplies even more the significance of this holiday, which is marked extensively under the slogan “Jasorat, Burch, Matonat” (Courage, Duty, Heroism).

On May 9, the Memory Square in the heart of Tashkent was crowded from the very early hours with veterans of war and labor, senators and lower house legislators, government members, military servicemen, and representatives of the wider public. Those gathered enjoy the tender music in the air.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov entered the square in the afternoon and laid a wreath, under the sounds of the military orchestra, to the monument of Mourning Mother.


President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov visited Moscow on May 8, 2015, at the invitation of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and took part in the Commonwealth of Independent States meeting of heads of state as part of the events occasioned to the seventieth anniversary of Victory over fascism in the Second World War.

In his speech, Uzbekistan’s leader said that we will always remember the inimitable courage, heroism and resolve of all those who defended the peace and freedom on Earth in the battlefields at the price of their lives.

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Today: 22.05.2015
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